Do You Know God?


These are probing questions for people of faith to ask themselves. Also, I just want to be clear here that this line of questioning and probing is not harmful. It is serious. It is inquisitive, and it is with the interest of helping others to apply thoughtful and critical analysis to the things they believe.

I’ll quote Aristotle again, there’s a quote from him that says, “ all men by nature desire to know.” So, the intention of these questions is to dig down deeply for knowledge. My friends, if given the choice to believe in things without knowledge and evidence, or to believe in things with knowledge and evidence, what would you choose? Which is more desireable?

David Hume said it like this, “a wise man therefore proportions his belief to the evidence.” Keeping that principle in mind, I offer this line of Socratic questioning.

Do you know God? If this God is unseen how certain can you be that he is there? Do you feel God? What exactly brings you to believe that you are feeling God? How can you know that God is present with you?

Is God a still small voice? If so, how are you able to distinguish this subtle voice of God from your own thoughts? Is it possible that you think you are hearing from a God because you can imagine what he or she would say? Do you imagine what God is saying to you? If so, what does this imagined voice sound like? Does it speak gently and softly with a sense of depth and great wisdom?

Does this imagined voice say things like, “my thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and my ways are higher than your ways.” Does this imagined voice say things like, “trust me, I’m here with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Does it remind you in your toughest moments with phrases like, “don’t give up, be strong, I’m always here.”

My friend, how certain are you that you know the voice of God? That you know the actual source of your own sense of divinity? How deep are you willing to go to find out what is true? Is it valid to question this for your own self? For your own sake? How can you know what is true?



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